A rose by any other name

My last big community event was Lytham Club Day. Whilst our Swing Band, on the float, created wonderful sounds throughout the morning, I was grateful for the fantastic support from students, staff and parents of our Preparatory School and Nursery. Full of smiles and good humour, proud of their school and their community. We enjoyed carrying our banner bearing the name of our school through the streets (pictured) and engaging with onlookers.

When I arrived 5 years ago, our full name was ArnoldKEQMS, closely reflecting the legacy schools that had come together to give birth to AKS. Historically informative but, to be frank, a bit of a mouthful. Our new shield more simply symbolises the coming together of the three schools. Whilst we are extremely proud of our heritage, AKS is altogether easier to say. Extended to AKS Lytham Independent School, the name indicates what we are and where we are.

You may have noticed I referred to the Preparatory School rather than the Junior School. We feel that this better represents the fact that we are not only preparing our younger students for senior school but also preparing them for life. One small part of this is the development of confidence, good manners and courtesy, much in evidence on Club Day. I have always been taken with how polite those students are, greeting me, holding doors open, even asking how I am. Important personal characteristics for the future.

What else is on this banner? I have previously explained how Academic Ambition, Individual Pathways and Success and Value seek to articulate our core educational beliefs. This is something we are passionate about. Like good manners, one’s values do not change.

M H P Walton