Bond Motivation

On Saturday night our PFA Winter Ball was held in the senior school hall. This was a break from the recent tradition of being held in a local hotel but proved extremely popular, being sold out long before the event. The PFA did a fantastic job in setting up a James Bond theme. The food, provided by our own team, came from films around the James Bond world; Thai, Japanese, Mexican and Spanish. One of the advantages of hosting this event ourselves was that it gave more student opportunity to contribute to the atmosphere.

Our musicians played 007 music beautifully, our actors put on a diamond heist while our dancers performed to Diamonds are Forever. Our quiz club kept tables busy with fiendish questions, from identifying Bond girls and villains, to Bond songs and anagrams. The keenest 007 buffs launched themselves into the spirit of competition. The most competitive tended to be the dads, many of whom were keen to know which table won. I am pleased to announce that our quiz club has finished the marking and, according to them, the winners were Goldfinger with 71 out of 80, second were Casino Royale with 68 and third were Thunderball with 67 (other tables’ scores available on request).

At AKS we are always reflecting on motivation, on what inspires individuals, or encourages certain groups to achieve success. Are there gender differences? Competition is just one of many factors that can capture energy and drive performance. In school, motivating our students is a crucial part of the educational process. In a class full of students, each will be motivated in different ways. They all have different learning styles and respond to different teaching methods. When we talk about ‘individual pathways’, we are reflecting on how each and every child best makes progress.

We have no licence to kill individual passion, the ‘one size fits all’ world is not enough.

M H P Walton