Celebrating Academic Achievement

At AKS we often talk about ‘Academic Ambition’. Our teachers find that challenging students to aim high translates into fantastic examination results. This was reflected last summer in our students achieving nearly five times the national average grade 9s at GCSE, with very strong ‘value-added’ scores, as well as the best A level results in the area. These comparative figures were published recently in the local media, results that led to such successful progression onto so many competitive university courses.

I am also very proud of the way in which Academic Ambition comes alive in our Junior School. Our staff are passionate and committed, supporting students along their journey as they progress through our school. Put simply, they are motivated to achieve their best.

I also appreciate the value of the AKS vision of education as a parent. It is not just the academic results that open doors to first choice universities, our students also develop so much in terms of their character. Our focus on developing personal qualities through our extensive co-curricular and enrichment programmes prepares our students for the many and varied opportunities that will come their way. Their experiences at AKS not only contribute to their personal success but also enable them to have value in their wider community. The ‘Success and Value’ that is so important to who we are.

Our young people are unique, each with different ambitions for the future, the ‘Individual Pathways’ that are critical in driving a passion for learning. Whatever their dreams, the best academic results possible are vital in order to open the doors that will take them on their journey into life beyond school.

M H P Walton