Fast Track to Success

Our second student blog of the week comes from Cody in Year 7; who has been working hard every weekend, showing great commitment and bravery with his passion for karting:

This year has been a bit of a struggle, with ups and downs. At the start of the year I was winning, but later on in the year I kept getting smashed off the track whenever I was in the top ten. But this last race weekend I didn’t get smashed off. The day was a bit of a struggle, in the first heat my right rear tyre hub moved in so it was like going round the track with my breaks on! Then in the second heat I did really well and got from eleventh to sixth in that heat with no problems.

Then came the final, it was a tough start.  We went round the circuit once, ready for a rolling start. My team mate came off at the first corner, so it was a false start then we did the rolling start again and succeeded.  I over took a few people into the first corner putting me in eighth position.  I  continued to drive as fast as I could. The track we were on is called Valley. The reason for this is because of the hill that descends into a chicane then a hairpin.  At the bottom of the hill through the chicane we are doing about 50 MPH! This is a notoriously difficult part of the track and the kart ahead of me was not as fast as me. I had tried to over take him at the usual places but he defended well and my attempts were thwarted.  So when descending the valley and into the chicane I moved to the inside and switched back on him, this left him wrong footed and I slipped through on the inside, this is not a usual place to pass!


Having made this move I was able to pull away towards the leading pack, I was now in 7th. I got to the leading pack and the two karts ahead made some poor errors so I was able to pass them, but it compromised my speed. I now only had four karts ahead of me but one of those was not in our championship, this meant I was actually running 4th. Then from behind I was joined by my other team mate, who is also a rookie.  We battled for the last two laps which slowed me down but I was able to beat him over the chequered line by four hundredths of a second. Thus giving me 18 points. My closest rival could not get passed the kart I passed on the valley. The team and I didn’t care about the points, everyone was happy that I was back to form and I had driven a brilliant race with some fantastic moves.  After the points were added up it was then revealed that I had won the Rookie Cup for the year. Everyone was very happy, and I called my dad to tell him.

My driver coach and mum had said, ‘don’t have any regrets and think I could have done better.’  I didn’t, I drove the best I could and left nothing in the tank, I left everything I had on the track.

This trophy is only given once a year for a driver’s performance throughout the year.  I now have to go and collect it in Manchester on the 21st January at a black tie do and give a thank you speech.  Now that is scary!

Cody, Year 7