A Normal Day

The first student blog of 2017 comes from Lucy who is currently studying for her A levels in the AKS Sixth Form.

I woke up bright and early to a crisp winters day, mentally preparing myself for my busy schedule ahead, wondering to myself will this be a normal AKS day?  In the morning during Enrichment, myself and another student, Charlie, took on two other students in the annual House debate. Today’s debating topic, which we were fully prepared for, was: “the whole nation should become vegetarians.”   As a member of Salmesbury House, the side I argued was that we should remain meat eaters and have our own choice. It was a great debate, full of very interesting facts and figures, and lots of points of information. This debate also allowed everybody in Year 12 to think about their eating habits, they could also ask the two sides any questions they may have had about our arguments.  They was a lot of heated, but respectful discussion!  Based on the student vote Salmesbury won, however, the teacher vote overruled it, meaning Leighton House were the winners, with their very well structured argument.

6703 (Medium)

I went to my A level lessons to learn about Poisson distribution and probability with my maths teacher and then to analyse some Shakespeare with Mr Hayden.  A school day isn’t just for sitting in lessons, its about learning as much as you can in every area of the school community you can. That’s why at lunchtime it was time to play in the chess simul!  A simul is where one player, typically of high rank, plays multiple games at a time with a number of other players. Myself, along with teachers and students from various different years, took on the reigning school chess champion, Tarin in Year 9. The chess simul was very difficult for Tarin as he had to keep running between the chess boards of his many opponents. Unfortunately, most of the games were cut short as we all had to go to our afternoon lessons. We counted up the remaining chess pieces and Tarin had won nine out of the ten games, which is truly incredible.

7590 (Medium)That evening, after a long day of learning, debating and chess playing, it was time for the weekly Round Square meeting, in which we enthusiastically discussed ideas and planned projects to meet our ambitious aim.  This is to give back to the older generation and engage with them more and learn from them in a partnership. This is an exciting project that will involve the whole school community over the next two terms and beyond.  We had many brilliant ideas of how to connect with the older community and events that the whole school could do with them. As the day came to an end it was lovely to reflect on all that I had learnt and achieved by just getting involved.  Indeed it was a normal AKS day.

Lucy, Year 12