Meeting Aron Julius

This week’s student blog comes from Lily and Sam in Year 8, who recently met an inspiring young man called Aron Julius.

Last week, Aron Julius, a former student of Miss Horrocks from her previous school in Liverpool, came to visit the school for a Q&A session and to lead a workshop with drama enthusiasts.

Aron currently attends the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) where he is studying for his degree in Acting.  He has appeared on many TV dramas including Moving On, DCI Banks and Puppy Love. He has also performed on stage in Our Day Out and Choir Boy.  The competition is extremely tough to get into RADA but he knew the time was right to apply last year. He had to complete 4 rounds of auditions to get a place and is now 1 of 28 on the course. He told us all about his success and how he had to develop a positive mindset. He was so passionate and made us believe whatever we want to achieve in life is achievable with enough hard work and determination.

At the beginning of the evening the students sat for a Q&A session with him. They asked him various questions about his life at RADA and more general things about life as an actor. Aron answered these questions honestly and with enthusiasm. We learnt about his early life in Liverpool, his school days and why he wanted to become an actor; I could really relate to him. We found out a lot of information about RADA and the types of lessons he does. He spoke about what his teachers are like and his daily routine.  He told us that at the moment he spends time studying how to be a tiger in his animal study sessions. He also has vocal coaching and movement sessions. Past RADA students always come back to talk to the next generation of actors sharing their knowledge and experience.

Following the Q&A session, Aron led a workshop. This consisted of several exercises, which Aron explained were the types of warm ups he does at RADA. These warm ups consisted of vocal, movement and improvisation activities where we had to use our imagination and understand spatial awareness. We worked individually, in pairs and as a group. We were introduced to different ways of learning and some of the activities really tested our ability.

What a great time we all had! It was a very interesting and inspiring session and I will remember his advice and use it to improve my own personal skills in acting and drama.

“It was very interesting to hear about all his previous experiences in drama and made me want to take part in more drama opportunities in school.” Muskaan Kumari

“I learnt a lot of new techniques which will definitely help in the future.” Florence Bunday

“I found it so inspiring and I hope I meet him again soon.” Beatrice Bunday

Thank you Aron on behalf of all the students, you gave up your time to help fuel our passion for acting and it was a complete success!

Aron enjoyed his time so much he later tweeted: “I loved speaking to the amazing, young, talented, generous and enthusiastic students at AKS about my life, acting and RADA.  A big thank you to Miss Horrocks; when you get a teacher who is committed to inspiring and motivating as much as she does, growth and success are inevitable. Thank you for everything and let’s do it again soon!” Aron Julius

Sam Taylor and Lily Hitchen (Year 8)