Learning Leaders

The student blog this week comes from a group of students in Year 6 prepared to go out of their comfort zone!

The Primary Leadership Programme is a programme run entirely by students. Every year, some schools in United Learning are chosen to be part of this programme. First, the students go to a specified location to play team games and to learn how to plan an event, deciding what they want to raise awareness of and which charity they will raise money for. Then, after the event has finished, the teams travel to Canary Wharf in London to show everyone what they have done to make a difference.

On the 14th of October, the Year 6 teachers set a task for everyone; anyone who wanted to be involved in the Primary Leadership Programme had to write a letter to the head of the school, Mr Walton, explaining why they should be chosen. Out of these letters, only 7 students were chosen: Edward, Harry, Bronte, Olivia, Scarlett, Zara and Anna.

We caught a train on Thursday 20th October and arrived at Cravenwood Academy, Manchester, to start planning an event. We all played fun games and activities to get to know each other, and we all discussed about fundraising. We wanted to do health problems, then clean water, then we wanted to do a colour dash, then t-shirts with pictures on them, and so much more…  Unfortunately, our cause remained undecided…just like our event!  On the plus side we had learnt about how to be more collaborative and to communicate effectively, in particular we worked hard to listen to one another and take it in turns to talk!

Back at AKS we started to attend the senior school’s Round Square meetings every Thursday after school. They were all about how to develop better links between the generations within our community; considering how we can all learn from each other.  This large community project is called the ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ project.

So our cause was decided, to support our older generation and make them feel valued, but what about the event?  Well, we thought about: yoga, baking, knitting, computer lessons, afternoon tea, wait……. that’s it… we could do an afternoon tea, brilliant! That was our cause and event agreed by everyone, and we also had the support of the senior school students.

The first thing we did was to decide on a date. Our original date was the 22nd of February, but we forgot to book it and so we had to do the 21st instead.  Always learning!  We booked the hall, and gave each other jobs. We got cakes, drinks, sandwiches, games, bingo, and prizes sorted – with help from our wonderful parents. Then we had to plan a programme and organise the music.  Other than having some delicious treats what else is there to do?  Bingo! That’s right, we decided to play bingo and have some wonderful prizes.

We decided that we would like to support ‘Just Good Friends,’ a local social group that is helping to defeat loneliness and isolation, specifically within the older community. There are about three older people to everyone of us in the Fylde area.  Whilst we are all very lucky and have families around us, there are many people who may not be quite so fortunate because of many different reasons.

So we invited Bev Sykes, the founder of ‘Just Good Friends’ to speak at the afternoon tea and to tell everyone how and why ‘Just Good Friends’ started.  It was great to welcome Bev and a number of the older community who benefit from the ‘Just Good Friends’ group to our school and to enjoy our afternoon tea.  Plus more than 70 grandparents and family members.  We were so pleased that the afternoon went so well and that everyone had such a nice time.  Over £250 was raised for ‘Just Good Friends’ and we would like to thank all the people who donated their money to this good cause.  Lastly, we would like to thank Mrs Giudici and all the amazing AKS Junior School musicians who entertained our visitors throughout the afternoon.

Next stop is Canary Wharf and a presentation to the other United Learning schools involved in the PLP.  We have lots to say to them about what we learnt and achieved.  We can’t wait until the next event and bringing even more sunshine to our local community and AKS.

The Year 6 PLP Students