Hustle and Hit and Never Quit

As we look forward to our annual U12 Jean Torrance Memorial Invitation Hockey Tournament this Saturday, and welcome a large number of schools from across the country, our 1st XI captain, Jess, brings us our student blog of the week.

When I joined Arnold School in Year 7, I had never picked up a hockey stick before, but was keen to get involved. By March, when it was the Jean Torrance Tournament, I was the B team captain and hosted two girls from the City of London School. This was the first hockey tournament that I was involved in, and it soon became clear how much I loved the whole experience, like many of the girls will do on Saturday.

Throughout my years at Arnold, and now AKS Lytham, being so involved in hockey has taught me more than just how to play the sport, it has given me more confidence and taught me how to handle responsibility – for instance, I now play a part, as something of a role model, along with other senior pupils, in coaching both Year 7 and primary school-aged children, a number of whom will be at the tournament on Saturday. I am always happy to be giving something back to the sport, to the staff and to the school by involving myself in this way and fostering the next generation of hockey players.

It has also given me amazing opportunities, such as enabling me to represent my county for four years running; last summer I captained the tour squad to Singapore, Australia and Dubai, an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience that didn’t only allow us to play hockey at a very high level, but I also made friendships with girls from other age groups and had a fabulous time.

In September I aim to go to university in either Leeds or Nottingham to study Biological Science, but one of the things, other than the independence, that I can’t wait for at university is joining a sports team. I have loved being part of various sports teams throughout my time at AKS and I am very keen to apply what I have learnt to university life.

I am delighted that I have been asked to be the guest of honour on Saturday and look forward to welcoming all the visiting schools, young players, coaches and parents.  I am sure they will enjoy the special AKS atmosphere and realise that this is more than just a hockey tournament.