Model Mates

This week’s blog from the AKS students is written by our youngest contributors yet.  The post comes from Annika and Zoe in Year 2 and Sophia in Year 1, who were excited to share their recent fashion show debut experiences with us.


The fashion show was a community event to raise money for St. Annes’ Carnival.  AKS hosted it in their senior school hall.  The clothes I had to wear were a bit small but I only had to wear them for a little while and I really liked the colours.  Once I got on the catwalk we had to go in a special order.  I was in the middle, Sophia was on my right and Annika was on my left.  The order was important so that we all knew what we had to do.  When we stopped we had to count to five.  Being in the fashion show was fun and we had to do different kinds of moves, keeping our hands on our hips!  Once I was on the catwalk I became more confident.  It was really loud and there was lots of clapping, it made me feel excited when I heard the cheering.  I enjoyed being with my friends.  I was pleased that Sophia’s mum helped us practice.  It is important to work together as a team.  When we were getting nervous and waiting our turn the older students talked to us and made us feel much better.  I have learnt not to be too nervous when you have do something you have never done before.  It is not as scary as you think it will be.  It was good for the boys too, because they were risk takers and that impressed me.  Not many boys do fashion shows!



I felt special because my mummy and daddy and nanna were there to watch me.  I also got some special treats!  We all had to wear a shirt and t-shirt from a shop in Poutlon.  The clothes were really nice.  We waited for Zoe to practice.  This was important in case she got it wrong.  I didn’t want Zoe to be nervous.  I also waited for 20 minutes to practice with Annika before the show.  When we were about to go on the stage I felt really nervous. I really want to do it again as I liked it so much.  I love doing fun things at AKS!


We practiced quite a bit before the show.  This was important so that we knew what to do during the fashion show.  I felt nervous when I was about to go but the older students said kind words to us.  On the catwalk I felt confident and really stylish though.  I want to be in the fashion show again because we all did interesting poses and got lots of loud claps.  I learnt not to be so nervous and that doing new and different things is fun.

Sophia (Year 1), Zoe and Annika (Year 2)