Residential Reflections

Our student blog this week comes from Year 3 who have just returned from their residential trip to Winmarleigh and who are keen to share their new experiences.

Taym – “I conquered my fear of heights on the climbing wall by climbing higher than before. I enjoyed diffusing the bomb activity. It was fun because you had to use two ropes and you can’t drop it, if you do it will EXPLODE! I improved on teamwork by not arguing and we accomplished more.”

Hamza – “When I was at home I heard that I was going to Winmarleigh so I really didn’t want to go but when I went it was really fun! The best thing was the climbing wall because there was a 9 at the top of the climbing wall and we had to climb up super high then ‘high five’ the 9.”

Sophia – “I went on to the giant swing with Ruby. We wanted to go up half way and then we went higher. It was really fun. I wish I could go onto it now. We went on the low ropes and it was really good as we had to work together. Do you like to work together? Well, I do!”

Grace – “I think the abseiling went well because not many people did it. I was a bit scared because you had to put your heels on the edge of a tower and lean back.Only Ruby, Lucy, Niamh, Mihir, Dominik and I did it in our group.”

Lucy – “What I improved in at Winmarleigh Hall was abseiling and the giant swing. When I went on the giant swing I was a bit scared but when I finished I was fine because after you do something you feel much better. Also, I did abseiling and I didn’t like it at first because you had to lean back and hold the bottom rope. I went flying down! I really enjoyed it in the end and my favourite activity was the giant swing.”

Esther – “The abseiling went really well and I conquered my fear. I got better at climbing because I got to the middle of the climbing frame. The giant swing gave me butterflies in a good way. On my first go I went low and on my next I went really high. The Jacob’s ladder was really good because I got up to the fourth ladder rung.”

Bertie – “I enjoyed everything but I loved the big swing the most because we were going really high and we were hanging from a bar. I loved orienteering because we got to run off! Sadly, Hamza went home but he came back the next day. Abseiling was a little bit scary because you had to lean back and it felt like you were falling off.”