AKS in the Community

We welcome back some our youngest students to post their thoughts on the AKS students’ blog this week.  We always enjoy hearing from Year 2, especially when they have been on one of their learning trips into our local community.  What did you discover Year 2?

Shelby – We went to the Synagogue to learn about the Jewish religion.

Michael –  My favourite thing in the Synagogue was looking at the scrolls.

Maanav – I really enjoyed our visit to St Annes Synagogue. I especially liked the colourful windows. There was a picture of Noah’s Ark.

David – The scrolls were amazing and they had a gate around them. The Synagogue had a milk and meat kitchen.

Tino – I enjoyed the trip to the Synagogue because I saw the Scrolls and the Star of David. There were lots of stars.

Camilla – My favourite bit of the Synagogue was looking at the scrolls because they were decorated with pretty patterns.  Mr Caro showed us a yad. He said if you put your hand on the writing it would smudge.

Maanav – We now know more about other religions, which is important.


David  –  If we talk and learn about different religions then we will know why they are like that, and have a better understanding of them.

Zoe – It’s exciting to know about different religions and not just one religion.

Amelie – It is important to remember that people believe in different stories and religions.

Charlie – I like telling other people about what I have learnt.

Thank you Year 2.