How to Become a President

After a few weeks of hearing from our youngest students, we thought it might be nice to bend the rules a bit and post a guest blog from one of our OAKS.  It is always rewarding to hear from our alumni, whether in person, when they pop into school, or via e-mail.

It’s Will Thompson! Hope you are all well at AKS.

Just thought I would give you a quick update to how I’m getting on.  I’m in the build up to finals now — very busy and nervous times!  Recently, I have been elected President of the Liverpool Medical Students Society (LMSS). This is one of the oldest and most active Medical Societies around, and an achievement that I am very proud of.  I couldn’t be happier with this role for the coming year.  We are not only a students society but also, a registered Charity and Company.  I will keep you updated with how I get on throughout the year.

I will be going on to study for my Masters in International Public Health: Humanitarian Assistance at The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine next year, then completing my medical degree in 2018/19.

I just wanted to thank you and all the  AKS staff for providing me with such great foundations and allowing me to go on and achieve what I have done so far and will hopefully continue to go on to achieve.  I couldn’t be more grateful.  I know, had it not been for my 14 years at KEQMS and final year at AKS, I would not have been able to achieve this.  I still hold all the values of the school very close to my heart.

If I was to offer any advice to the current AKS students it would just be to throw themselves into absolutely every opportunity that presents itself.  I think that is one thing that really led to me making the most out of my time at school and medical school so far.  I think doing this enabled me to be involved in school productions and shows at medical school, along side playing rugby and being a part of the LMSS!

In the run up to any exams, make it a priority to do well.  With regards to getting into medical school I think being a well rounded person contributes a lot, they look for students who are genuinely interested in a number of different areas and can show passion about the things they take part in.  Caring, truthfulness, trust, loyalty, manners are other qualities I think they look for.  All AKS students are fortunate that these are qualities that the school holds very close to its heart, I know they were instilled in me from a young age.

Will Thompson (AKS 2014)

Thanks for getting in touch Will, and come and visit us soon!