Felicity’s Hero

This week the student blog comes from Felicity in Year 6, who won the ‘Real Hero’ Day award for her costume and speech about her chosen hero.

I chose Albert Einstein as my hero because he is such an inspirational man and he knows how hard it is to have dyslexia.  He used the difficulties of his dyslexia to help him to work out one of the best mathematical equations of all time: E=MC2 which means E = energy,  M=mass and C=speed of light (which I think is very cool!).

Albert did not consider the downsides of having Dyslexia, like not being the best at spelling or not the best at reading, instead he thought of how to turn the negatives into positives, like being able to work things out differently.  I think dyslexia is like having a very hard puzzle to work out, with lots of different pieces that fit together to make something… well, almost beautiful.

There are many ways around it and sometimes obvious, but the obvious way to other people cannot be seen by dyslexic people so they have to find alternative ways.  Albert Einstein might never have found the mathematical equation E=MC2 if he didn’t have dyslexia.  He also wrote many quotes which are very inspirational; all his quotes give a positive message.

My favourite quote is:

“Try not to become a man of success, try to become a man of value”

I think the meaning of this quote is that you shouldn’t worry about what you have but make sure that you have values and are kind to others.

I think people with dyslexia shouldn’t worry about not being the same as other people – we have a hidden talent at working things out for ourselves.  It is a sort of gift really, we just get each other, and I don’t think I am the only one that feels the same way about this great man.

Most people think of him as just a scientist or a mathematician, but people who have different ways of learning think he is someone special to learn from and to never stop trying to fit the pieces together.  That is why I chose Albert Einstein as my hero.

Felicity, Year 6