Book Club

The student blog this week comes from two of our Year 9 students and members of the popular AKS Book Club.

Recently we had the opportunity to visit Blackpool’s libraries as part of Wordpool’s Festival of Written Word. To start, we went to Palatine Library where we listened to a very interesting talk from young adult author Alice Broadway, author of Ink, which has been our most recent read at Book Club.

Following that, we got on an amazing old bus, called the ‘Rover Bus’. This took us to our next destination of Layton Library, where we listened to Kit De Waal and GX Todd talk about their books (My Name Is Leon and Defender), alongside some delicious sandwiches. This was a very interesting talk as we learnt a lot about their personal lives and how they incorporated their experiences into their writing.

After this we were dropped off at Moor Park Library for afternoon tea with Susan Lewis. Susan Lewis is a very experienced author with very fascinating stories about her life. This was all accompanied by very nice cakes and treats which went down well with a group of Year 9s!

Our favourite talk, however, was at Central Library with Julia Crouch, Mandasue Heller and Sarah Ward. These women talked about their crime writing. One fascinating story was from Mandasue Heller, as she spoke to us about when she was younger and her son only ten weeks old, a man broke into her house and attacked her; this then inspired her, many years later, to quit her singing career and start writing crime.

Finally, we listened to Ben Aaronovitch and MJ Arlidge, who are screen writers and authors of popular books, and this came alongside hot pot and drinks. All the books from the event were available to purchase and many members of Book Club took advantage of this, and loved the books they bought.

As a group, we are very excited to be attending Timehop: Wjordpool’s Young Adult Fiction Festival soon, and we are already reading and enjoying one of the books by a featured author (Cell 7 by Kerry Drewery).

Eve and Lucy, Year 9