Educational Partnerships

The student blog this week comes from two of our Year 12 Ambassadors who have been learning with one of our educational partners as part of their enrichment programme.

On Friday 16th June, some of the Year 7 students went on a very exciting trip to the Royal Cross Primary School for the Deaf. Whilst they were there, the students had the opportunity to sing their amazing ‘Sign2Sing’ song.  Which they have been rehearsing throughout the year and they all thoroughly enjoyed performing.  Not only did the students sing to them, the students from the Royal Cross Primary School, also had the chance to sing to us, which our students loved!

However, the most exciting part about the whole day, most definitely has to be, when we were fortunate enough to be taught new songs, using sign language!  Being taught how to sing and sign songs such as “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hand” and “Sunshine in My Heart”.  Every single child, from both schools, sang their hearts out, putting 100% effort into every single note, along with trying their absolute best to remember and learn the sign language that went along with the songs.

Some of the Year 7 students commented:

“We think that the best part of our trip was being able to communicate with the deaf children.”

“We enjoyed the performing and learning of the sign language songs, as well as meeting the children.”

“We liked how enthusiastic the children were towards singing.”

“The children were very friendly and they were very keen to learn!  I loved it when they taught us their songs.”

This was an excellent opportunity for us to learn with our community and share our knowledge with each other. The whole day was amazing and I believe that it definitely represents the kind of ethos we have here at AKS.

Georgia – Year 12

Last Friday we were fortunate enough to be able to host the staff and students from the Royal Cross School for the Deaf back at AKS.  It was really great as we had been pen-palling the children through the AKS Ambassadors programme for a while and now we finally got to meet and properly chat to them as well as having the opportunity to plan and organise a day of activities.

The students (and teachers) were really lovely and their excitement was contagious as we played observational bingo and braved the Fylde wind on our walk round Fairhaven Lake. There was a lot of laughing as we tried out our British Sign Language but they were all very patient with us and even taught us how to say our favourite football teams.

When we got back to school everyone was given a piece of a scene of Lytham St Anne’s to collage, which in the end all came together to create a bigger picture for them to take back home to their own school.  It was a really fun day and I really hope that we can continue to work with and create links with our special friends from Royal Cross.

Bel -Year 12