Overseas Opportunities

The student blog this week comes from Carly in Year 6 who decided to spend her half-term holiday in a school!

During the half term holiday I travelled to Malaysia.  We stayed in a place called Johor Bharu with my Mum’s old school friend (Miss) Val, who also went to Queen Mary School and is now teaching with her husband (Mr) Steve at Excelsior International School.  I was lucky enough to join the Year 6 class (which they called grade 5).  When I first arrived I felt quite nervous.  An amazing girl called Sarah, kindly offered to take me under her wing and be my guide throughout my visit.  Every single child in the school is taught in English so it was easy to communicate.  Children of all nationalities go to the school.  In my class there were children from South Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore and China. The teachers are also from all over the world.

We had to take our shoes off before entering the classroom.  I took gifts from AKS for my class.  I gave each of the children an AKS bag with an AKS ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ t-shirt and a stick of famous Blackpool rock!

The school had an outdoor Olympic size swimming pool and a 400m running track,  which is great when it’s 32 degrees every day, but wouldn’t suit a school on the Fylde coast on our frosty winter mornings!

It was great being there and I made lots of new friends.  All the children at the end of my time with them gave me two of their school bags.  One with the Excelsior School PE kit in and the other with a beautiful green Indian dress bought specially for me.

I’d like to thank all the children and teachers for looking after me and making me feel so welcome and to Miss Val and Mr Steve for giving me the chance to visit the school and to learn so much in my short time there.

By Carly in Year 6