This week’s student blog comes from William in Year 11, who shares with us part of his acting journey and how we will be able to see him on national TV tomorrow evening!

I had three separate auditions at various locations across Manchester, each time I was given a script for different characters, which I had to learn and perform in-front of a camera. The last audition I met the producer and the director. The producer Juliet Charlesworth was very friendly and welcoming, whilst filming she won a BAFTA for her work on ‘Happy Valley’.  Steve Hughes, the director, had directed programmes such as Doctor Who, Wolfblood and Casualty.  Knowing all this made me feel very honoured but at the same time scared.  I received a phone call during Easter half term 2017, to say I had got the part of a boy called Danny.  I wasn’t sure how big this part was at the time but was very excited by the news.

Filming in Manchester started on the 14th of May.  I was required to stay in Manchester each night so that I could get to the set early each day.  I stayed in one hotel at the same time Manchester United football team were there, so it felt like I was living the dream!  Filming took place at different locations in Manchester and Liverpool.  We filmed at a local swimming pool, in a school, at a house and on a very windy beach. Filming on the beach was an experience!  The first day we attempted to film we were cut short by bad weather which resulted in me staying in my caravan most of the day. We returned at the end of the week when the weather was kinder.  Ironically, they then used a petrol-powered wind machine to help create one of the special effects!

During filming I got to meet lots of really nice people; everyone was happy to teach me all about their role.  I got the opportunity to operate a camera and learnt how the sound engineers work.  Each scene had to be recorded several times in order to get the right shot and to also set up all of the different camera angles.  In the scenes where I had to eat I ended up very full!  My sister, played by Rebecca Hansen, had worked as an actress for a long time, so she was experienced and was very supportive to me.

I really enjoyed this whole experience and would love to be involved in another production.  The Creeped-Out series is a collection of individual spooky tales, each episode is a different story and cast.  The episode I am in is about my character Danny and his Sister Peal, who discover that Peal has some strange powers!  It is due to be shown on CBBC at 7pm Tuesday 5th December.  I hope you enjoy watching it.

William (Year 11)