Be Wealthy

Our student blog this week comes from our head students who planned and presented their own whole school assembly earlier in the week.  They role played an international quiz between three different countries; the UK, Pakistan and Niger.  Each country representative was asked a question and then given a set amount of (Countdown) time to answer them, but were encouraged to use the relevant resources available based on that countries GDP (average wealth).  For example, the UK had access to an iPad and the internet compared to Pakistan having a stack of reference books and Niger only a piece of paper and a pencil.

Was this game fair?  No, clearly not.  The UK was set up to win from the start, and Niger was set up to lose. The sad part is that this game is not too far from reality.  Obviously, the countries here were exaggerated and unhelpful generalisations made, as it is important to remember that in all countries there is a varied mixture of rich and poor and everyone in between.

However, being a wealthy country, the UK is given a huge advantage. Now, we know that today is a bleak school morning, and you would all rather be at home in bed, but we have to be grateful for the life we are born into.

As shown in this game, the UK has access to some of the best resources possible and provides some of the best opportunities for it’s citizens. This is especially true for our school, where on top of encouraging academic ambition, the values on which our school is built upon support our growth and individual pathways, allowing us to be successful in everything we wish to achieve.  With the huge range of extra-curricular activities on offer, it would be silly not to take advantage of it; we have such a huge privilege at AKS,  you must grasp the opportunities whilst you can – whether it is AKS Action, DofE, Bring Me Sunshine, Swing Band, High School Musical, CCF, etc.  The opportunities really are endless.

Wealth is measured by the value of a person. Taking opportunities adds value to you, you can gain so much: inquisitiveness; tenacity; courage; compassion; inventiveness; the ability to solve problems; self-awareness; sense of responsibility; appreciation for diversity; commitment to sustainability; communication; and team-working skills.  All discoveries that we are proud to develop and equip ourselves with as AKS students.

Wealth is measured by the value of a person. Be wealthy.

AKS Head Students – Year 13