Academic Ambition

Our student blog this week comes from Year 3B who have been exploring our school ethos; academic ambition. The students looked at the word ambition and decided it meant ‘to be successful and achieve your goals’.  Year 3 certainly like to be successful  and work hard on their individual targets, but what do they want to be when they are older… 

Charlie wants to be like Rafael Nadal and be a Wimbledon champion. He already competes in competitions in the Lancashire area for his local tennis club.

Zoe also wants to follow a sporting career and win gold for GB in hockey.

Tino and Freddie want to be footballers.


Reya, Sophia and Camilla want to look after animals as they enjoy caring for them. 

Anika and Darcy want to follow in their family’s footsteps and become a doctor and dentist. 

Maanav enjoys using the computer so would like to be a game coder.

Samuel also wants to be inventive and be a Lego builder. 




Ava, Amelie, Gracie and Shelby want to be singers, songwriters and dancers and play at big venues. They are already members of different clubs inside and outside of school to help achieve this. 

Scarlett and Penelope want to be inspirational teachers and change children’s lives for the better. 





David and Michael want to be police officers to help get all the criminals off the streets.

Mrs Briggs wanted to be an astronaut when she was eight and when she was fifteen she decided teaching was the career for her.  Aren’t we glad that she did… helping us all reach for the stars instead! 

Class 3B