Our student blog of the week comes from Grace, who bravely faced the night chill and streets of Blackpool for an important cause.

Streetlife’s Sleepout is an annual charity fundraising event. All of the money raised goes to Streetlife, a charity dedicated to helping homeless or vulnerable young people in Blackpool. All you need to do is get sponsored to sleep on the streets of Blackpool for a night. This year it took place on the night of 23rd March. 200 people signed up including myself, my big brother and my Dad.

The weather wasn’t ideal, in fact it rained all night and soaked everything! The water got everywhere, even inside my sleeping bag and so that felt rather like trying to sleep in a big wet crisp packet! At about five in the morning I realised that during the night it had rained so much that I was actually lying in a fair-sized puddle.

The whole time I felt fine though, because I knew that it was just one night and in the morning I would be able to go back to my nice safe and dry house. That’s why I think doing the Sleepout was important. The money that was raised will help people who never feel safe or who don’t have a warm house to go back to. There are young people right now who are stuck on the streets night after night, feeling hopeless and alone. Streetlife is there to help them – the money raised from the Sleepout means their night shelter will be able to provide accommodation and the day centre will be open to provide advice, support, training and emergency welfare.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me. Between us, we raised over £2000 and the current total raised is over £41,000. This will make a massive difference to Streetlife’s activities this year.  Thank you.

Donations can still be made at:

Grace – Year 9