Caldera Connections

This week’s student blog comes from a reflective Myles in Year 4.

We have been learning about volcanos in Year 4 this term. My Great Grandparents are always interested in what I am doing at school as my Great Grandpa used to go to Arnold School. When I told them about the model volcano I have been making they showed me this photograph of Mount Vesuvius which was taken by my Great Grandpa in 1946.

He and my Great Gran were Officers in the RAF living in Malta at the time. They had been visiting Rome and had arranged to be taken back to Malta by some airmen who were on their way to Egypt. They had to sit on the floor of the plane as there were no seats for them.

The pilot had always wanted to fly over a volcano, so even though it was really dangerous he flew the Dakota aircraft right over the top of the volcano so they could all see down, right inside it!

It’s a good job it didn’t erupt as they were flying over it, but he said it was very bumpy!

Myles – Year 4