Joining a Giant Family

Last week Arnav and Charley shared their thoughts with the children and parents who will be joining us in September in Year 7 at the Induction Evening.  Here are Arnav’s thoughts:

My name is Arnav and I am in Year 7.  I have been at AKS since I was in Year 3.  I am sure you must have many questions and worries regarding the senior school, am I right?  How much homework are we going to get?  Are the teachers strict?  And if they are, do they give detentions out very easily?  Are the older children rough and will I get lost?  Well let me answer some of your questions!

Don’t worry!

When you get placed in your form, you might be placed with students you don’t know, but trust me don’t be shy, socialise and get to know them – boys and girls. Take part in clubs where you will also be able to make friends. In a couple of weeks, you will get to know everyone and it will just be like a giant family.

At the start of school I had no idea where room 29 or room 57 and so on was, so I just used to follow everyone to our lessons.  But as I began to familiarise myself using the school map, it was like the back of my hand.  One time I was lost and I was 5 minutes late for a lesson and I remember everyone staring at me and my face had turned red. That doesn’t happen to me anymore and don’t worry if that ever happens to you. Keep a map handy!

Don’t you worry about the teachers and older children, they are all very welcoming. They are really helpful, so don’t be afraid to ask them where room 29 or 57 is!  There are many subjects they teach at AKS but one of my favorites is music.  I have been given the honor to take part in many musical opportunities like concerts, festivals and Open Days.  I am also in the string ensemble playing the violin.

At AKS we have a variety of 60 different clubs and yes I did count them, from sport to crafts. Take part in as many clubs as possible to learn new things, have new experiences and make new friends. Take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead so you will learn new skills and improve them.

My advice to you is this:

To enjoy your time at AKS, make lots of friends and stay positive!

And, don’t get lost!

Arnav – Year 7