A Safe Place

This week’s blog comes from three students in the Junior School…

It is a very important to know that there are people living on the streets in Blackpool, in fact not just in Blackpool but on the streets all over the world.  Blackpool is right next to our school and where we live though and that is why the Reverend Beverley came into school to speak to us in assembly.  She told us that there are people who are not as lucky as us because they don’t have a home to live in, or don’t have any food or money.  Reverend Beverley asked us if we could collect food that doesn’t go off to donate to a charity in Blackpool that helps young people who are homeless and live on the streets.  Over the next few weeks, and part of our Harvest celebration, the Junior School brought in lots of food and filled lots of boxes in the school entrance.

On Monday 15th October we put all the food on the school mini bus and we drove into Blackpool with Reverend Beverley and Mr Crouch to visit Streetlife, one of the many charities that looks after people who need help.  Streetlife is a safe place for young people between 16 – 25 years of age, the most important thing they offer is support.  We carried the boxes from the mini bus into the centre and helped empty the boxes.  At Harvest time the centre receives a lot of food and each young person can have a food pack once a month.  The Streetlife staff took us around on a tour of the centre and we got to see the garden, the base, the lunch hall and the games zone.  There were not as many people there as we expected but they were all very friendly.  There was also a small meeting room for private one-to-one conversations.

Before we left Streetlife, Rob, the Social Youth Worker, told us that everyone should have the opportunity to be safe and that we can all make a difference by caring about other people, even those we may not know.

Grace & Niamh – Year 5 (Student Council)

Chloe – Year 6 (Service Pillar Leader & Student Council)