A Choir in the Community

The final blog from the students this calendar year comes from two of our Sixth Formers and members of the Senior Choir.

On Wednesday the 12th of December the Senior School Choir took part in our annual ‘Christmas Carols in the Community’ event, visiting Trinity Hospice, Highfield Day Centre, Fosbrooke House and the AKS Ladies’ Luncheon Club at The Clifton Arms. After brisk rehearsals in the recital room, the choir (in our compulsory Christmas jumpers!) began the outing singing a wide repertoire of Christmas songs at Trinity Hospice. The programme consisted of classic Christmas carols, multiple Christmas sing-along hits, and soloist performances from senior students in Year 13. The festive atmosphere continued at Highfield Day Centre with some popular and energetic Christmas songs. The choir thoroughly enjoyed their heart-warming experience singing at Highfield Day Centre and appreciated the loving enthusiasm of the residents.

The day was fuelled with mince-pies and selection boxes, which were generously provided by our hosts, helping the choir to perform outstandingly throughout the day. In particular, one of the many highlights of our annual adventure is the fun filled and action-packed (literally) performance of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’; delivered by our choir but helped by the tuneful helpers of the Ladies’ Luncheon Club. In a bid to win the loudest table, all students and staff particularly enjoyed singing in an informal environment where everyone came together to join in the festive spirit. After a thrilling day of entertainment, many of the younger students enjoyed chatting to the encouraging residents of Fosbrooke House.

This important and well anticipated event allows the choir to engage with members of the community through light-hearted and high-spirited music, and is one of the highlights of the school year. It is so fulfilling to be able to make the resident’s Christmas that little bit more special and really get them into the festive mood.

While our exciting experiences of the Choir in the Community may now be over, preparation for the upcoming Carol Service at St Thomas’ Church on the 18th of December is well underway and we are looking forward to bringing even more festive spirit to our community!

Jenny and Kayley – Year 13