A ‘Storybook of History’

Two of our students and sisters (Anna, Year 8 and Penelope, Year 4) are regulars at the Classical Association lectures, which placed them in an excellent position to report on the 5th Anniversary Presidential Lecture with Academic, Author and Broadcaster, Professor Michael Scott.

They are pictured with Katrina (founding member of the Association and AKS Alumni), Professor Michael Scott and Mr. Walton.

Classical Association Presidential Lecture, 10th January, 2019

An overview by Anna, Year 8 and interview with Penelope Year 4.

For our fifth year running and the largest branch of the Classical Association in the UK, I’d say that we have had an incredible start to 2019. Our president, Prof. Michael Scott entertained and informed us about the importance of Delphi in the ancient world. That said, I think Lytham St Annes is fast becoming the centre of the classics world!

Prof. Scott entranced us with his vast knowledge of Delphi and toured us around the ancient city. Many know Delphi for the sacred Oracle a priestess who sat on a tripod in the sanctuary of Apollo, making utterances that were later interpreted and used by important people from all over the ancient world. However, in his lecture he created a spectacular vision including every aspect of the details of this ancient town of Delphi down to music competitions, theatres, the Delphic games, how the Romans couldn’t resist the temptation of making their mark in the Sanctuary of Apollo and many more aspects.

He coined a phrase that grabbed my attention and I found this phrase summed up his lecture perfectly. His phrase was ‘A Storybook of History’. The story of Delphi came to life tonight. With the usual selection of delicious homemade cakes and hot cups of tea on this cold and foggy night at the flourishing refreshment stall, book stall, raffle and inspirational talk, this year’s presidential lecture was definitely one to remember. Our presidential lecture warmed our hearts and minds. I know I speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait for our next lecture which will be of much interest to the musicians out there! On behalf of the LSA Classical Association, thank you Prof. Michael Scott for an awe-inspiring lecture.

As we’re getting more interest from members of the Junior School who want to know what it’s like to come to one of the Classical Association’s lectures, I thought I’d interview my sister, Penelope, from Year 4 to find out what she thought about it and why her friends might enjoy coming along too:

Penelope, what was the lecture about?

It was about the city of Delphi in Greece.

What made the lecture so special?

Our amazing President was there to tell us about Delphi. I was lucky because I was chosen with you to be in a photo with Prof. Scott, to meet him and to do this interview.

What was your favourite part of the lecture?

I really enjoyed the story about the woman who had to sit on a three-legged stool breathing in ethylene gas which made her mad. I really liked the story of the two eagles which met over Delphi, which made it the centre of the world. But I wish they had met in Lytham because Lytham is the centre of the world. Overall, it was an amazing lecture and I learnt a lot – for example about how there was a sports arena, music concerts and an oracle at Delphi. The Delphians were pagans, so they didn’t have churches, but eventually saw the error of their ways and built churches next to the Sanctuary of Apollo.

Apart from the lecture, what else did you enjoy about the meeting?

I bought two chocolate cakes that were spongy and yummy in my tummy! I like cake a lot. I had a lot of choices of cake, but I knew chocolate was the best. The music was nice in the background, there were books on sale to do with history and I can’t forget the raffle, which very sadly I didn’t win.

Next Events:
AKS are proud to host the largest Classical Association in the country. The next event is held at AKS Senior School Hall on Saturday 9th February and is the National Finals of the 2019 Classical Association Competition where finalists from around the country will be presenting their answers to the question “What are your Favourite Artefacts from the Ancient World?”. More information can be found on the Classical Association’s website. We warmly encourage all members of our school and wider community to attend.