A Junior School Perspective – Classics

Anna, Professor Scott (President of the Classical Association) and me!

After hearing that Anna had got through to Classical Association final, I wanted to go and hear her speak – and see who would win…

Anna went up first and she started talking about the Rosetta Stone. She thought it was a good ancient object talk about because it was very interesting. The first thing she said about it was that it had three different languages on it, French Egyptian and Greek ( her favourite language) Her next artefact was the Lapith + centaur carving it was a carving that showed the centaur attacking the Lapith because they were drunk! ( I liked that one) the third and last artefact was the Elgin marbles. The Elgin marbles were columns of marble owned by a rich sultan and they were very precious to him.

Next up, was Thomas (from KGS). His first object was a roman shield boss found in Kirkham and it was very old! But you can still see the holes in the side of the boss. He also said that the boss was made from bronze. His next object was the Portland Vase. The Portland Vase took two years to make! And it had pictures all the way around it. Some of the pictures were of Antony and Cleopatra and you saw Cleopatra being bitten by a snake on the other side of the vase there were more painted pictures.

Next up was Archie (from Bath). The first of his objects was Gonzaga Cameo which was a picture made from jewels. And it was a picture of this man and his wife (looking very serious) and I thought it was cool that it was made from pure jewels! His next object was the Bust of Dynamis. The Bust of Dynamis is a statue of a figure’s head with a hat on it that bent backwards it looked a bit funny! The third and final object that he talked about was the carving of Laocoon and his Sons. The carving showed Laocoon and his sons being bitten by snakes, and and the carving of the pain on Laocoon’s face was so good that lots of people said it was the best carving they had seen!

The final speaker was Alice from Runshaw College. Her first object was the Narmer Palette. The Narmer Palette was a piece of stone with pictures of people defeating other enemies and there were also pictures of Tutankhamun on it. Her next object was the Delphi serpent column and she said that only one head remains, and they built a replica of the column. Her final object was Eirene + Plutus.

Then after that we had a raffle then the event finished. The winner was Thomas, second was Archie and then Anna and Alice.

I thought it was a great event!

Samuel, Year 4