Student Obstacle Course

As student Adventure Pillar Leader in the Junior School this year I had to think of different ideas and make a list. From this list I discussed with Mrs Briggs, teacher Adventure Pillar Leader, all my ideas and how I was going to organise these.

Firstly, I decided to invite the CCF into Junior assembly so they could tell the children all about their activities in the senior school. Next, I wanted to start a Junior climbing club.

Several meetings, emails and letters later we now have a climbing club which takes place every Friday. We are lucky enough to have a wonderful climbing wall in our school.

Lastly, I came up with the idea of doing something to raise money for some new playground equipment and thought organising an obstacle course would be a fun way of doing this. 

I planned the course and advertised the event for Friday 17 May 2019 with all year groups invited to take part. With Mrs Briggs’ help, I set up the course on the day and then gave each group instructions on how to complete the course and what the rules were. 

I think everyone enjoyed it and many people asked if they could do it again when they had finished! I really enjoyed the day, although was tired when it was all over! 

I am looking forward to seeing how much was raised and I am planning to write to the PTA to see if they will match the amount we have raised.

Robert, Year 6,
Junior Adventure Pillar Leader, Round Square