My Castlehead Experience

By Kirtika, Year 6

On Monday the 20th of May we all arrived at school enthusiastic and joyful about the residential. The residential was for 5 days and 4 nights. Most of us were not nervous since we had been on school residentials in the past. The teachers that came with us were Mrs Knight, Mr Rice, Mrs Dixon and Mrs Blinston. Soon we all loaded our luggage onto the minibus and got ready to go. At this point I was too giddy to miss my parents!

 After an exhausting 1hour 30minutes we arrived. Our Castlehead guiders (Sarah and Chloe) showed us our common room which was called the ‘Chapel’. We all got into pairs or three’s and played an orienteering game where we were given a card and had to go around the ground floor answering questions about the picture on our card. I was in a three with Layla and Carrera and as a team we worked very well and collaborated with each other. After some time, we all sat down in the hall and Mrs Knight told us who we were in groups and rooms with. In my room, I was with Lisa, Connie, Layla, Carrera, Chloe and Frankie. The room was called Scarfell. In my group, I was with Lisa, Connie, Layla, Carrera, William, Jonathan, Jack and Julian. We were group three, and our instructor was called Heather. Heather was married to Al (Group two’s instructor) and had a charming, fluffy dog called Flo.

Firstly, we all met at the courtyard ready to go to our groups and our group was doing Climbing. We were all feeling eager and ready to go. As we got on to the minibus, we found out that the climbing was off site. After traveling for ten minutes, we arrived at some stretched, grassy hills. We all ambled up the hills to find ourselves walking through nettles! As quick as a flash we got to the top and Heather put out some ropes. We got our harnesses on and started to climb two at a time up an extended, limestone slab. The slab was as smooth as a hard book cover. The climbing was really entertaining and was a great way to end the first day. After some time, we all got ready in some more comfy evening clothes to do some onsite activities my group did the night trail where we were all blindfolded and we had to work as a group to get from one place to another. This was thrilling since it made us all stay awake at night time!

The next day we all got up early and brushed our teeth for another wonderful day coming up. Today we were going to do ghyll scrambling and canoeing. I was enthusiastic about the two activities because I had never done them before in my life. We all went down to breakfast for a delicious English breakfast with lots of different types of cereals also to choose from. After, we all met in the courtyard so that we could get given our buoyancy aids and waterproofs to take onto the minibuses in our groups. We travelled for an hour to get there and once we had arrived we put all our gear on and strolled for five minutes to get to a stream near Old Man of Coniston. Once we got there we all formed a line to go into the stream with our first leader being Jack. The water was ice cold and made all of our toes freezing but there were some warm patches here and there because of the glorious sun. We helped each other to not slip and we all worked and collaborated well with each other. Our next leader was Layla and then myself. At the end of the ghyll scrambling there was a cliff where we got to climb up and jump off so that we drenched ourselves in water. Mr Rice did it as well because he really had no choice!