My trip to Borwick Hall

By Ava, Year 4

I had an amazing time at Borwick Hall and this will tell you all about it …

Just before we were setting off, I gave my mum a hug and a kiss and got on the bus. Some of the mums (including mine) took some pictures when we were ready to go. About five minutes later, the bus started moving, I had butterflies. I was sat with Sophia and we were talking pretty much the whole way there!! We played some games and I tried to have a nap, but she wouldn’t let me. My seatbelt kept getting stuck and Sophia said it was hilarious. We were a bit late, but we can only blame the traffic.

At last … we arrived!! I was so excited when we saw the sign ‘Borwick Hall Parking’ my stomach dropped (in a good way) and the Old Hall was, I guess, beautiful! We got our bags and took them to our games room and then went through to the meeting room. After a short while, the instructors came in. Their names were Ben and Antony (we met some others a bit later) They introduced themselves and Ben took us on a tour around the hall, did you know the hall is over 800 years old, and was an army base around the time of World War 2! Then, we went back to the meeting rooms and the instructors went to have their lunch. The teachers handed out school-made packed lunches and we went outside to eat them. I had a chicken sandwich, ready salted crisps and an apple.

After that, we went back to the meeting room and the teacher told us our groups and who we were in a room with, I was in Mrs. Dixon’s group with Amelie, Sophia, Darcy, Ruby, Scarlett, Charlie, Maanav, Freddie and Sam and in a room with Scarlett. Not long after, we met John and Tom and then… WE DID OUR FIRST ACTIVITY!!!! We did the pond traverse (or ‘low ropes’) and it was really fun. You had a harness and it was clipped onto a rope and the it was attached to a wire, you couldn’t hold onto the rope, but this was part of the challenge. First there was a walking one where there was a series of small panels stuck to a wire and you had to walk across it, the second one was where you had to walk across a wire and tug really tight on some ropes which would stop you from falling, the next one was where you just had to walk across a long panel that swayed from side to side when you walked on it, the last one was a really, really fun zip-wire (that might have been the best bit!) then, we swapped with the other group and did our second activity ‘the leap of faith’ which is where you have a full-body harness on and you had to climb up a giant pole and when you get to the top you have to jump off, this sounds scary, but it really isn’t! After that, we got to see our rooms and make our beds and set up. The teacher said that there should have just been two single beds – but there were two bunk beds!! Me and Scarlett helped each other to make the beds and we both decided to go on the top bunks. Then, the teacher gathered us up and
took us for our first meal in the canteen! I had fish fingers and chips and a yogurt for pudding. Then we had a bit more free time, me and Scarlett were just playing in Anika and Reya’s room. After that, I got changed into some older clothes and we went to bushcraft!! Our instructor for that was Tom (he’s the funny one) first, he gave us a big sheet and apparently in 25 minutes in was going to rain, so we had to make a tent in groups. Ours was pretty good, it was in-between 2 trees and had an opening either side and had a stick in the middle to keep it up. Soon after, we found out that it wasn’t going to rain, they grabbed 2 big buckets full of cold water and CHUCKED IT THROUGH THE SIDE OF THE TENT!!! We were quite cold, but we went outside and saw the other team get wet, theirs had a massive opening at the back so they poured it through that. After that we made a fire, first we had to use the modern version of a ‘flint and steel’ and make a mini fire on cotton wool, then we had to collect twigs and then get thicker sticks and we made a big fire.

Then we went back to the meeting room and had some juice and biscuits and then went in our room and went to sleep, I was a bit homesick, but I got better. The next morning, I woke up later than everyone else (even though it was only, like, 7:25!) anyway, we had our first breakfast there that day, I had toast and cereal and then we went off to our first activity of the day which was… canoeing! We had to put on our waterproofs and some old trainers and then the instructors put us in groups and taught us how to do it. We had a few challenges as well and there were forfeits if you lost one and at one point our group did! We had to stand up and do head, shoulders, knees and BUM and it was funny, then we had to steer ourselves around the canal (supervised, of course) and then we went back and… one of the instructors turned over a canoe and we all got to slide down into the freezing cold river! When we got back we had a shower and put our clothes in the drying room because they were SOAKED!!! Then we got changed and got taken to lunch and I had ham and a wrap. Then, we went to archery and I have to say I
wasn’t the best. Then we went to orienteering and I was partnered up with Scarlett, I had this thing called a dibber on my finger, you were told which one you had to find, for example HK, it would be marked somewhere on the map and you would have to find it and you would put your dibber into the little box and that would make a little noise and that would mean it was scanned. Then, we went back and got tea, it was the best. Pasta. EVER!!!! It was so yummy, I loved it. Then we went back and got ready for our evening activity, Boulder & Cave. Boulder is basically climbing without a harness. There were 2 walls, one of them had the cave behind it. I got across the main one without falling off!

Then, I got a bit scared with the caving so just did a little bit. Then, we went back and got into our pyjamas and went through to the games room, had some drinks and biscuits and played lotto bingo for kids. I won 2 rows! Then, we went back through to our rooms and went back to sleep, you know, dreaming of unicorns and stuff. Then, when we woke up, it was our last day! Our trip had flown by! We got breakfast, I had
spaghetti hoops on toast and Shreddies. Then, we packed up, moved our things into the meeting room and got taken on our morning walk which made me find my love of nature. Soon after, we ate our lunch and I had tuna and a wrap. Then, we got on the coach, said goodbye to Borwick hall and went back home, I have made so many memories, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it!