Fraser’s Story

Fraser and Matron

My experience at AKS has been nothing but amazing, before attending AKS I found school challenging and making relationships was hard for me. This then lead to me suffering from mental health and developing Sudo seizures, however this has all changed. Since joining AKS, I have made some amazing relationships, especially matron and my friends.

Matron has helped me so much since arriving at the school, making me feel comfortable and always reassuring me that I have someone to talk to no matter what. Matron has given me so much confidence, as I found it difficult to talk about how i felt but with Matron I could always open up and talk about my feelings. However the credit can’t all go to Matron as my group of friends have helped me settle in so well. When I experienced a seizure, a group of my friends nicknamed ‘Fraser’s team’ would help me. They were always there supporting me and also helped me regain my confidence, as I knew they were only a few seats away.

AKS has also influenced my passion for drama, as my confidence was so low I never felt like i could perform on stage or do anything like that. Despite this, AKS has helped me gain that confidence and do something I never thought I could have done prior to being at the school. With this confidence boost I was able to perform in the school production, which I was immensely proud in doing. I have to thank AKS for this and I would not be the person I am today without their guidance and support.