Year 3 – reflections on their new class

Year 3 have had a successful first week having moved up from infants to juniors. Here are some of their reflections:

Katie, Leila – “I loved hockey and playing with my new friends”. Nikhil, Maksymilian – “We really enjoyed PE and rugby”. George, Sadie – “It is nice in Year 3 and we have yummy lunches in the Senior School”. Wilfred, Isaac – “I really enjoyed the maths and counting in 100s and 50s”. “I’m really interested in how many things have changed in Year 3”. Freddie, Joseph, Rupert – “We really enjoyed ICT with Mrs Leeming and getting our new passwords”. Archie, Harry and Noah – “We really enjoyed drawing our self-portraits with Mrs Hine in art this week”. William – “I have really enjoyed the map work in humanities”. Amelia – “I liked playing the ‘no peeping’ game with Mrs Briggs and our class (you can see us playing it in the photographs!)”. Alyssa – “I liked it when Mrs Briggs read us the Twits by Roald Dahl as it was funny”.

It is great to hear that they are rising to the increased academic challenge as well as taking more personal responsibility expected from them this year. We look forward to following their progress. Well done everyone!

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