Making Economics Essays Easy

It is always difficult attempting to answer a twenty-five mark essay question at A-level. There are so many things to bear in mind when answering the question: knowledge, application of that knowledge, analysis and evaluation. Along with essay structuring and of course remembering what the question is actually asking. If all of these things are delivered then a good answer is ensured, however this can be rather difficult. But this is not the case in A-level Economics, as we’ve been provided with a fifteen minute descriptive video which can be accessed through YouTube in which Mr Wainwright has explained how to deliver a perfect answer to the question.

The video has given me all the relevant information needed to complete the essay and helped walk me through all the steps required in order to score highly, moreover, it stops the hassle of spending hours of research on topics and streamlines the process into a short video which allows me to complete both a high-quality essay and spend time studying elsewhere towards my A-Levels.

George, Year 13