My School Portal makes ‘The dog ate my homework’ a thing of the past

By Ben, Year 13, Head Boy and A level Economics Student

With the introduction of My School Portal, blaming the dog for not handing in homework is impossible. However, the new portal for homework does have advantages, it is a clear record of when it was issued and a good reminder of when it is due in. The most useful feature is the attachment button. In Economics we use this to access PowerPoint attachments that give help with the question. For example, in our most recent homework there is advice about the type of diagram that needs to be used and explanations for some of the terms. This is all at your fingertips as ‘My School Portal’ can be downloaded and accessed on your phone which you’re less likely to misplace than your planner.

In the second year of Economics one section of our exam focuses on the modern-day climate and it’s advancements, well My School Portal is an advancement, one that is sure to improve a students organisation during the busy day to day life that is senior school.