Perfecting ‘The Journey Technique’ for Revision

by Paddy, Year 13 Economist

In order to get my revision started and to try new revision techniques. I have perfected the Journey technique. This involves creating an imaginary but easy to remember journey such as the journey to school or a journey around memorable places. In my case I needed to revise a list of government intervention aims and a list of the forms of government intervention.

My journey starts at the entrance to school where I imagined myself thinking about the first aim of government intervention that of stabilising prices. By linking a familiar place to facts and key points I had to remember it makes recalling these easier. I moved on into the hall and imagined myself by the war memorial and the government aim of providing producers with a minimum income. Moving on to a very familiar place, Mr Maund’s office and the governments wish to avoid excessive prices for goods. Finally another familiar place, the sixth form common room which links nicely to the government’s wish to encourage the consumption of merit goods and discourage demerit goods. The hockey table being considered a demerit good in this case.

When it comes to tests in class and my exams where I need to recall the government intervention aims, I can think about my journey to the sixth form common room via the front door, war memorial and Mr Maund’s office.