My first term at AKS

Sam and Lily are coming to the end of their first term at AKS after joining us from Ansdell Primary School and St Andrews CE Primary School. Here’s what they had to say about their experiences. We’re thrilled that they have enjoyed following their individual pathways and that they have settled in so well. They have contributed significantly to our school community and we look forward to following their continued success and adventures in the new year.

Sam’s Story

My first term of school has been amazing.

I came from Ansdell Primary School with some of my classmates, but since arriving at AKS, I have joined up with some of my friends from other local primary schools and made new ones. I was a little nervous on my first full day and I felt like I was starting reception class again, but I soon found my way to my lessons each day. It was a lot different having to move round classes for each subject.

I did not know many people from other year groups when I started, and none of the teachers, but after my first week, it felt I had been at the school for a lot longer. The teachers were very welcoming and they make the lessons fun and interesting.

My favourite subject is PE and games but I like every subject here. I have enjoyed learning about the Norman conquest in history, reading the Lord of the Nutcracker Men in English and getting practical in the science labs. I have even got used to the amount of homework required each week. I have a very helpful homework planner so I can keep track of what homework I have.

But all the sport really stands out to me. I have played rugby, football and hockey for school already and I really enjoyed the year 7 rugby tour. On the last three days of the first half term, we went to Llandudno in Wales, to play against St David’s school and the town’s rugby club, as well as going trampolining and walking up the Great Orme – it was a long way!

I am looking forward to so many other opportunities within school

Lily’s Story

Joining Year 7 was a struggle for me as I moved here from West Sussex (around 4 hours south from Lancashire). I was worried about what people would think of me due to my shy personality and the difference in my accent. I went to whatever open days I could manage to attend where I met a few girls. I didn’t move up here until the summer holidays before the new academic year, so fitting everything in was quite a push, but we did it and in September of this year I joined AKS.

I hadn’t been until the day when we met our form tutor and classmates, so everything was new. I recognised those who I had met before and stuck with them until I eventually met other people too. It was hard adjusting to the new system, but after the first week or so, I got the hang of it, and had made more friends. All the teachers were very supportive and understood that moving to senior school is a hard time. A few weeks on, I gained my confidence and felt much more comfortable around the school and my form.

Before half term, I entered a Christmas card competition, as it would give me something to work on during our half term. I finished it on the last week of our holiday and brought it one when we got back. I hadn’t heard anything from it since I had handed it in, so I waited for the news of the winner to come in. Soon enough, the assembly came and the whole school sat down to listen to the winners. I had won! I was extremely happy about this, as I never really win anything to do with sports, or drama, so this was a first! It was a great highlight of my first term at AKS!

Overall, my first term was a great start to my first year and was filled with so much care and support from everyone, thank you everyone who helped me!