Duke of Edinburgh Practice Day

Duke of Edinburgh Practice Day

We arrived at the hall all excited and raring to go. Although, we were not excited by the fact that storm Ciara was occurring outside.

We sat in rows in our groups while, Mr Riches gave us a briefing on what to expect during the day and what type of skills we will need. The groups then got given their group leaders and split into separate classrooms.

Our group started with the route cards. Dougie (our group leader) explained that for our practice expedition we would be going to and from Waddecar. We decided to split into two groups of three and each group would do a route card one for each day.

To do the route cards we used our map reading skills to find grid references, write directions and plan how long it would take us to do certain legs. We then gathered together as a group and went outside, all wrapped up in multiple layers, to see how many paces it would take us to walk 100 metres. Then we went back inside and drew our route onto a big map.

We then went outside and learnt how to cook on a trangia safely. We boiled water and made ourselves a hot drink. However, the storm started to pick up and we had to eat our lunch in the cold and rain. Although, we did see the brighter side of it and took the opportunity to talk to the other groups. We then washed up the aluminium dishes and then went back inside to continue with the rest of the day.

Mollie and Gabriella (Year 10)