U12 Jean Torrance Hockey Tournament 2020

STUDENT BLOG – By Layla, A team Captain

Last Saturday our under 12A team came first in the Jean Torrance tournament. We knew it would be challenging and nothing could prepare us for the level of hockey that was played. In our group we won all of our matches so we got through to the semi finals. Before the semis we all knew it would be tough because we have played them before and only won 2-0.

Our team worked well to gain a position in the Finals. Before the last game we had a break and we all knew we had to play 10 times as good because they were a great team. During the match I saw players do things I didn’t think they could do and the game really showed off every individual player but most of all it showed how we play as a team. Lara scored a hat trick and Lisa scored the final goal but every goal required teamwork whether it was passing to a player or creating space for the player to run into so each goal required all of us to work together.

There was a few times where they got close to scoring and Esther was so solid in defence that not one goal was scored! Lucy managed to stop there right forward from making any runs on our left. Kirtika helped a lot with our attack and played exceptional. Overall our teamwork was what allowed us to come first thank you for listening. 

It was the first time as parents that we hosted for the Jean T tournament. The three children we had were super and behaved brilliantly and created friendships for life. We are so grateful for the experience to be able to get to know the girls from Ashford. They were so lovely and we watched a lovely movie together in my cinema room. In the morning my mom made us pancakes and it was transparent that even though there is a north and south divide that we were similar and loved being with each other.  

I’d like to thank AKS, the PE and sports department and everyone involved that allowed us to have this super experience. 

STUDENT BLOG – By Year 6 pupils Lucy and Ruby

Jean Torrance Hockey Tournament 2020 

Ruby and I hosted two girls each for the Jean Torrance hockey tournament from Ashford School in Kent. My family hosted Evie and Anna and Ruby’s family hosted Charlotte and Matilda. This is our second time hosting as we hosted Evie and her sister Amelia last year. 

Once we had collected the girls from school both our families went out with the girls we were hosting for dinner. This was a nice way for us all to get to know each other and after a long journey the girls were starving! 

“ We hosted two girls Evie and Anna, they were from Ashford school in Kent which we played against in hockey and they were very hard to beat!  The girls were very polite and even got us some presents which was so kind. When it is summer me and my family are definitely going to meet up with the girls and their families again. The hosting experience and tournament was wonderful and fun. We played lots of different schools. This was my first Jean Torrence tournament and I would love to host again and hope I get the chance to do this next year from Lucy ,Year 6  ” 

“ We hosted two girls their names were Charlotte and Matilda. They were very nice and sociable. I loved spending time laughing and having fun with them. I am glad I got to make new friends and hopefully we will stay in contact. I also enjoyed going out for dinner with them. It was a great experience! The tournament was so much fun, we got to play against some different school. I loved playing with my team they are kind and helpful from Ruby, Year 6 “. 

STUDENT BLOG – By Sophia, Year 6 

It was lovely to host two girls (Molly and Tamsin) from Ashford school in Kent. It gave us the opportunity to share our experiences of hockey, life in different schools and our families.  

Sophia also made some new friends. 

She would like to experience being hosted by a family. 

They had dinner with us and we watched a film together. 

It was a fantastic opportunity to play against teams from different parts of the country, from Scotland to Kent. 

Thank you and your staff for organising a very enjoyable and successful event.   

If it wasn’t for your efforts, we would not have had such a successful tournament. Thank you.