My Lockdown Diary, by Oliver, Year 6

5th April, 2020

Dear Diary,

            Well, that was a bit of a shock! I always hoped that it wouldn’t quite come to me learning at home but guess how we ended up? At home. Today was another day like any other. Nowhere to go… nowhere to be… no social interaction… but this is how it will be for who knows how long. Only allowed out for one exercise a day, I am trying to keep my mind as positive as possible but it is not at all easy. It is really challenging not being able to see my friends and have an ordinary life. I can see my teachers though, and that is one bonus. All the teachers must be working constantly to keep on top of everything when they are at home. Some of the things that I am extremely grateful for are: having a descent sized back garden so that I can go out for some exercise when I have finished my work or on the weekends, and having siblings that I enjoy spending time with. This may sound unusual but having siblings has a massive impact on my positive mind-set as I can play with them when they have finished their work for the day, otherwise would be really depressed because the only people I will be able to see were my mum and dad because I can’t go round to my friends’ houses and catch up with them.

My morning routine began like any ordinary day. I awakened to the sunshine creeping through the curtains and on to my magnolia coloured walls. The morning light also crept into my bedroom by my almost closed door. The sound of the television said to me that my brother was having breakfast downstairs. Unhurriedly, I dragged myself out of my comfy bed and down the staircase to my brother who as I predicted was having breakfast. Not long after I was dressed, fed and ready to do my daily piano practice. I started with my exam pieces, then my scales and finally my favourite song: ‘I’m Still Standing’ by Sir Elton John. The title seems very appropriate for the time we are in. I do hope that by the end of this lockdown, I too am still standing both physically and emotionally. Perhaps it will become the song that make my year group think of this period of our school life. As soon as I had completed my music practice, I strolled into the study to start the day with some work.

As soon as my computer had turned on, I was on Skype for Business ready for my first lesson of the day. This lesson was English, one of my favourite lessons of the day. We began by completing the starter which today was describing a scene without using some of the high frequency words. Personally, I always find this extremely enjoyable however it is also a little challenging.  

My next lesson of the day, Maths, was an interesting start to our next topic of ‘How to Use a Protractor.’ We started off by completing the starter questions to get our brain in gear and then moved onto the questions regarding using a protractor. After, my second lesson I have a small break which consisted of a cereal bar and a bottle of water. I always find this one of the highlights of my day as it energises me for the lessons to come.

My third lesson of the day, PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Education) involved writing a detailed diary description of a typical day of home-schooling. To write the introduction I thought about the benefits and the cons regarding the home-learning. Personally, I benefited from this exercise not only because it improved my writing skills, but also helped me to see the brighter side of this catastrophic pandemic. Although it may not seem like it, there are actually quite a few benefits underneath all of the things that I can’t do and have. A few of these are: I get to spend quality time with my family, play with my siblings that I usually don’t get to do as I am either doing work, at school, or at a club. Another benefit of being at home is my mum’s baking, but I do miss school’s bread and butter pudding though!

My fourth, and final, lesson of the day was ‘Computing’ in this lesson we learnt how to use Microsoft Sway and how Microsoft will be getting rid of PowerPoint as it is old and we can use Sway instead. Sway is an efficient alternative to PowerPoint and it is much more current and new. We were tasked to write a creative factfile about the life of Alan Turing. This is a very interesting topic to do as Alan Turing was a tremendous man. Personally I find Sway interesting and something different to discover with and manipulate. On Sway, there are many ways to emphasize, change the fonts, and make my writing catch the readers’, or the audience’s, eyes. As I had never used Sway previously, I was excited to start exploring and writing about Alan Turing. Introducing different media to my work makes my work considerably more enjoyable and interesting as I have now got another different way to express my work and make my work more interesting to the teacher or person who is reading it. 

As I am only allowed out for one exercise a day, I always make the most of my walk/cycle with my mum, brother, and sister. Most of the time we take a tennis ball out to play with either at Park View or on the Promenade. This is extremely fun as all of my family join in by throwing the ball, kicking the ball or any other way of moving the tennis ball. Running, sprinting, or jogging. Any way of retrieving the ball is used and allowed. After a heavy hour of exercise we return home refreshed and relieved ready to finish any work that is still outstanding.

To conclude, I am finding this pandemic a real eye opener as it has a vague recollection of the Great War and World War Two. It helps me to realise what the people in Britain went through during these times and how they had to survive not knowing when it will stop and how the world will be left when this is over. This is the same in this case as we do not fully know when we will be free again and how the streets and the world will be left when this is over and how many of our loved ones will have sadly passed away from the Coronavirus or from anything else that has been deteriorated by this devastating pandemic. It is also eye-opening for the reason that I have never seen so little cars on the roads and streets. Likewise, I have never experienced a time when there are only a certain amount of people allowed in the shops and any other people have to wait outside. Thankfully, we have been lucky with the weather as this is the most luminous and sunny April in history. If the weather was not as good as it is now, I would be really depressed as I’d have no way of getting out of the house for some exercise and to keep fit and healthy. I think the moral of this pandemic and the lockdown is ‘Even if you are low never give up.’ I think this because it is important to keep positive and mentally strong even though you may miss loved ones and your friends.