“Pebbles of Hope” Project

‘Pebbles of Hope’ Project

Pippa, Year 9

Over the Easter holidays, my school offered us the opportunity to discover new design projects from the Creative Arts department of AKS. The Design and Technology challenges included activities such as creating mini vehicles, photo displays, family games, den making, pebble decorating and computer aided design.

The aim of the pebbles of hope is to remind people that they aren’t alone, we are all working together to help one another in this memorable time. They are also in support of the key workers who work selflessly to keep us safe. I hope that people will see the pebbles and smile, adding a little colour and light to their world. They can take their rainbows home and carry a little reminder of joy and hope. I was inspired by human tenacity and unity in times of hardship and struggle. Although we are separated by the need for safety, we are united by the things we do that bring us closer together, whether those be big or small. People are reaching out and connecting with old friends, making new ones and standing by the links we have already made. I hope we remember this time as much for what we have gained working together as for what we have lost.

I tried a few designs and decided that the rainbow holds great meaning despite it’s simplicity and is a sign of hope.

AKS has always encouraged extra-curricular activities outside of the realm of academia. This has been further promoted throughout quarantine, even having it’s own hashtag- #AKSAtHome. AKS have helpfully been posting great ideas to stay active and interested without having to leave the house. This closely follows the school ethos and round square values, encouraging a spirit of voluntary contribution both to AKS and our wider community.