Eve’s Story – Joining AKS in Year 8

I started AKS in year 8 and was really anxious about joining a few weeks into the first term.

However, the moment I stepped through the school gates on my first day, I felt like I was part of a family. I had some friends that I had known from primary school but I was still very nervous. That soon disappeared when I was greeted by one of my good friends by the school entrance, and taken to my form room.

When I arrived at my form I was greeted by the boys and girls from mine, and other forms across year 8. After 10 minutes I felt like I had been there since year 7.

During my first term at AKS I have learned many interesting things, I particularly enjoy science because we are able go into the science labs and do experiments. I also enjoy history and learning about Henry VIII and his children.

My favourite subject would have to be PE.  I have been able to try out many different sports like football, basketball and netball. My favourite sport would be hockey. I love hockey so much and feel that I have already improved my skills and accuracy. I love sport at AKS because it’s a great place to work with my friends and improve on teamwork. All of my friends play sport like me which was something I struggled with at my old school.

Although I haven’t been able to do all the activities at AKS because of COVID-19, I love how the teachers are trying as hard as they can to keep activities open, and I’m sure when we are able to do events, I will be having a go at all of them. 

I also really appreciate how teachers help me with any work or homework in their free periods and how all of the teachers at this school make their lessons fun and interesting. For example; Drama has been very fun because our task was to filming our own John Lewis inspired Christmas advert. 

Eve, Year 8

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