Why I love reading, by Isaac Y4

Isaac with the books he’s enjoyed in lockdown…

First, I thought reading was OK, but then I came across a book called ‘Wizards of Once’, which was a very good book, so I read all four in the series. I liked them because they are about wizards, they have good characters with interesting names, like ‘Xar’ and ‘Wish’ (who was controlled by witch blood!). They also have great adventures and good powers, such Wish who has a magic eye which stops wizards casting spells on iron. They are the best books I’ve ever read – I didn’t want them to end!

That inspired me to read lots more and enjoy it. I’m now on Percy Jackson and can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next. It’s another adventure story, it’s funny and has the full works! Now I love reading so much, I get my book out at every chance I have. I’ve read nearly eight books in a month and I’ve even begun to write my own book! 

All the books I read go towards my Accelerated Reader points and I’m hoping to get to Silver soon. I read ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and ‘Escape from Pompeii’ with my class in English. I read more complicated books, like ‘Emergency Zoo’ and ‘Journey to the River Sea’ out aloud to my parents and read the more fun books like the ’13th Story Tree House’ and ‘Percy Jackson’ to myself. 

Further information: the Accelerated Reader Programme is explained by Mr Rice here.