Moving to AKS from Dubai – Erin’s Story

I moved to the UK in July 2020 from Dubai. It was a huge change to my life.  Like anyone starting a new school or meeting a new group of people I was nervous to be joining AKS in Year 7.  Not only was I starting Senior School, I was in a country I had never lived in before. I said goodbye to my friends in Dubai, where I was born, and moved here to start a new life. I was really nervous joining AKS. I had no friends at the school and had no experience of going to school in England. I decided I had to be positive and just be myself. I held my head up high and walked onto the field to join my new class at  AKS with a smile on my face and the attitude that I was going to do my best. Inside I was so nervous. I hoped I would meet friends and that the other children would accept me.  

From the chats we had with Mrs House and Mr Holmes before joining AKS, I remembered they said to try not to be nervous and that everyone would be feeling the same. I also remember them saying that the best way to make new friends was to join clubs and groups. They were right. 

In my first week at AKS Year 7 was invited to try out for hockey. I had never played hockey before so going to my first hockey practice was really scary for me. Most of the girls had played before so this made me even more nervous. Joining the hockey team has been an amazing experience. I realised I was part of an amazing team of girls and great teachers who not only wanted to help me but supported me so much on that first practice and every game since. Helping me and telling me what to do and what not to do, it really was so nice to have that support.  

By the end of my first lesson, I was told we would play a match. I panicked! My very first hockey match!! I remembered I was part of this team and focused on trying my best to for my team. The ball was passed to me and I completely panicked. I passed the ball to the other team… I was so disappointed and embarrassed. But instead of my teammates being upset with me, they said “don’t worry’ and “better luck next time”. This was an amazing example of teamwork at AKS and made me even more determined to give my very best to the team. 

Erin now loves hockey!

I love being at AKS and I am proud to be a member of the sports teams. I have made amazing friends and we have lovely teachers who are fun, kind and supportive. All of these amazing things at AKS have made my moving to the UK and joining a new school a great experience for me.