Preparing for Duke of Edinburgh Bronze by Zara, Y10

Bright and early on Sunday morning we all arrived at school with our full backpacks eager to start the day. Then the wonderful instructors took each of our groups off into separate classrooms, to maintain social distancing guidelines, and began explaining how the expedition will play out. 

We started by planning out our walking routes across the two days, both times starting and ending at Waddecar, so we decided to walk over Beacon Fell the first day so we could enjoy the beautiful sights.

After finalising the route, we created a ‘route card’ which breaks down the walk into smaller parts and describes each section in detail which helps us to work out an estimated time to see how long it will take us to complete the expedition. This involved learning lots of new skills about map reading, orienteering, and pacing, as well as some challenging maths to work out our timings and distances.

Our group’s next task was to set up a trangia and boil some hot water, as well as to learn how we will be cooking our food during the expedition, so after a quick break for hot chocolate and some lunch, we took the trangias back and washed them until they were shiny once again.

Then our final task was to pitch a small tent and decide what the aim of our expedition would be, our group decided to look out for the wildlife and how the area was being used for tourism. 

After this training day, I think our group has all the skills we need to complete the actual expedition and I can’t wait to begin our adventure on 9th May!