Teaching pupils in Year 2 by Amy, Tara & Tristan Y12

As part of our preparation for studying Medicine and Dentistry at university, we decided to prepare and teach lessons to the Year 2 children on the topics of healthy eating and living.

During our first lesson, we talked to the children about the different food groups and making the right choices when it comes to their diets. We asked the children to write down what they had eaten the day before to make them aware of their current food choices. Using the healthy eating plate, we gave them different types of foods on cards, and they confidently stuck them on the board in the correct sections on the healthy eating plate.

For our second lesson, we decided to focus healthy habits and how our diet affects our teeth. We did an experiment where we placed eggshells in different drinks (coca cola, water and orange juice) to show how these liquids can affect the teeth. The children completed the worksheet suggesting which liquid they thought would have the biggest affect and enthusiastically viewed the results and confirmed their predictions at the end. On a PowerPoint, the story of ‘Tilly the Tooth’ helped the children to understand how to look after their teeth through answering various questions to help Tilly along with her journey. To complete the lesson, we talked about healthy habits and the children gave some examples. (Eg. playing football, eating 5-a-day etc). Finally, we played a healthy habits-themed bingo which the children loved.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have learnt so much ourselves from preparing content suitable for younger children to communicating in a way that they can understand. We will take this experience forward with us having learnt valuable lessons such as communication skills, which will be very important in our chosen professions.

The year 2s were a pleasure to teach. Thank you to Mrs Bleasdale and Matron for giving us this opportunity and hopefully we will be back again soon.

Tara, Amy and Tristan