Joining AKS in Y7 – from shy to confident all-rounder! by Hannah, Y7

I’ve always loved every kind of sport but, other than football, I have never had such an amazing opportunity to try such a wide variety of sports than I am now getting at AKS.

Being quite shy I was very nervous about joining any clubs at first, I didn’t know anybody at all and I had never even picked up a hockey stick before I started in year 7 and some of the girls had playing for a while. I didn’t need to worry as the teachers helped me so much, I went to every practise and quickly learnt so many new hockey skills, including goalkeeper training. Playing as the A team goalkeeper in a match against Rossall made me very proud.

I go to a different sports club nearly every night and most lunch times which I absolutely love, I have met so many new friends from all the other forms and we all get on really well, it keeps me fit and most importantly I learn new skills on a daily basis.

A few highlights for me so far have been winning the 800m, 100m and high jump in athletics matches against other schools, playing and scoring in the U13 girls football team that became ISFA North-West champions, playing in tennis matches, rounders matches and even being the captain of the football and rounders teams, which helped me to gain leadership skills, organisation and more confidence.

My PE teachers, with their constant reassurance and guidance, have transformed me from the shy, nervous and worried Year 7 in September into a confident, sociable and happy all-round sports person.

Hannah, Year 7

Last September, we dropped off a nervous and slightly anxious Hannah to start her AKS journey. Hannah has always loved any sport and was very excited about the wide variety on offer at AKS. She could at times however lack confidence in her own ability, worrying what others might think of her. This was quickly overcome through the encouragement and support of the PE staff.

Watching her now from the side-lines, week in, week out fills us with pride and gratitude to the staff for how they have developed her confidence and skills in so many different sports. Even throughout the pandemic there have been numerous fixtures where we have been able to see how much Hannah enjoys all aspects of each match, in particular the friends she has made, the endless amount of exercise she does and the confidence she shows.

A parents perspective