CCF Summer Camp by Christian, Year 10

On Friday 16th July, a number of AKS CCF cadets visited Altcar Training Camp. Over the course of the day, they experienced a variety of activities ranging from a military grade obstacle course to close quarter combat, all of which helped them to learn more about life as a cadet.

Here Christian, a Year 10 pupil, describes the trip:

“The visit to Altcar was great. The activity I initially enjoyed the most was the obstacle course as it challenged me, but was also fun at the same time. We had the opportunity to practise our shooting using paintball guns to either shoot targets or to recreate real-life battle situations and this was really useful. However, on reflection, I particularly enjoyed doing CQB which stands for close quarter combat or close quarter battle. Altcar provided our first experience of this and we learnt how to raid buildings and take over advantage points in the most effective way possible. 

Another activity that we all liked was called the lifesaver manoeuvre which was a series of movements that are designed to give you the best possible advantage over the enemy in war. It was very interesting and the instructor who taught us was really fun to work with. I found the stealth mission we recreated engaging as we had to use lots of different techniques to keep as low a profile as we could in order to stay undetected and collect as much data from the enemy as possible. I enjoyed wearing the ghillie suits and also shooting at the instructors once we had been spotted! 

At the end of our day, the final activity was the gun run which consisted of transporting a cannon from one point to another. This challenge relied on teamwork and determination to deliver the machinery to its destination.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Altcar, and I would definitely recommend it to any Year 9 pupils joining our CCF next year.”