Reflections from the Regional Conference in Romania

In January, we had the opportunity to go to the Round Square Regional Conference in Romania along with schools from the European and Mediterranean Region. We felt privileged to represent the school and felt very lucky to get the chance to experience all the conference had to offer, whilst being introduced to Romanian tradition and culture. The conference opened our eyes to Round Square as an organisation and allowed us to see how Transylvania College upholds the Round Square IDEALS. This allowed us to bring back ideas to Lizzie, our Head Girl, who is currently on a quest to find

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My Round Square Reflections

Like many of you reading this, Round Square was something I had heard about and was interested in but never did I understand its true power and true meaning until I experienced it for myself at the Round Square Global Conference at Aiglon College, Switzerland. I am so privileged to have been given the opportunity to attend, along with Molly and Sadie in Year 12 and Mr McKeown. The experience was unlike any other and I have thought long and hard about the reasoning behind this. I look back on it as a highlight of my career to date…why? Well, that

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And, so it began…

In October Sadie and I caught the Round Square bug! We were lucky enough to be chosen to attend the Round Square International Conference at Aiglon College in Switzerland. The conference was unbelievable. We met students and speakers from all around the world and 100 different countries, each of whom were driven by his or her individual passion. We left inspired. We left as agents of change.

What are the Round Square IDEALS?


Idealist: “A person who cherishes or pursues high or noble principles, purposes, goals.”

The Round Square community is on a mission to appoint a body of champions whose life stories and achievements will provide a source of inspiration to Round Square students around the world, building their understanding of the Round Square IDEALS and the values they represent. Enlisted by Round Square President, His Majesty King Constantine, our Idealists have been nominated by Round Square’s student body and school membership around the world as individuals whose achievements epitomise the value and spirit of the Round Square IDEALS.

Round Square schools share a passion for experiential learning. Together they work hard to ensure that their pupils have every opportunity to achieve in ways and to levels beyond their perceived limits.

We also believe that in order to prepare for adult life, young people must be encouraged to discover and embrace the similarities and differences between cultures and nationalities in ways that promote meaningful and lasting understanding, tolerance and respect.

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RS Discovery Framework


At first glance it would be easy to assume that the focus of Round Square takes place outside the classroom through extra- and co-curricular activities and, if truth be known, this was my first impression of the organisation, before attending the Global Conference at Aiglon College in October.

However, it is clear that Round Square is ever evolving and they want to take their key values and attitudes embodied within the IDEALS into the classroom. This is to be done by their newly developed Discovery Framework which aims:

“To construct a practical and useful framework that captures and communicates the unique spirit of a Round Square approach to teaching and learning”

During the conference, we heard from three schools who had piloted the use of the Discovery Framework in their own way to suit their own schools; it had proved to be effective to all three schools, in very different ways. You can view the Discovery Framework here: discovery roller banner

It soon became clear that the work we have been doing over the last two years regarding independent learning, student-led learning, active learning and growth mindset shared a number of the key values, skills and attitudes as the Discovery Framework which we are looking to develop in our pupils at AKS.

The beauty of the Discovery Framework is the fact that it is very much up to the individual school as to how they use it, depending on the key skill areas and attributes they want to focus on in their classrooms.

It will certainly be interesting to meet up with other Round Square schools at the Discovery Framework Conference in June to see how each school has used and interpreted the framework, and to share ideas and best practice, as we look to continually develop the character education of AKS pupils; surely this is the real ‘value-added’ of independent education?

A J McKeown

Read an article by the CEO of Round Square Rachael Westgarth ‘The Round Square Discovery Framework – A Trojan Horse for Character Education’ – here


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Launching RSIS Project in Vietnam

Upcoming Opportunities for Pupils Round Square provides a catalyst and framework for pupils to engage in a holistic programme of self-discovery. The Round Square approach inspires and draws out from every child their capacity for achievement and excellence, recognising that learning is most effective when it is practical, cross-cultural and collaborative. Through the Round Square network, students are able to access a range of practical activities and programmes that build character, global awareness and confidence, instilling values for positive and active citizenship, whilst also developing exceptional leadership skills.