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Round Square provides a catalyst and framework for pupils to engage in a holistic programme of self-discovery. The Round Square approach inspires and draws out from every child their capacity for achievement and excellence, recognising that learning is most effective when it is practical, cross-cultural and collaborative.

Through the Round Square network, students are able to access a range of practical activities and programmes that build character, global awareness and confidence, instilling values for positive and active citizenship, whilst also developing exceptional leadership skills.

RSIS Big Build Projects:

Students aged 16 or over are welcome to register for any of the Round Square Big Build Projects. Participation in a Round Square International Service Projects is a great way for young adults to learn about global citizenship, community engagement, develop a deeper understanding of the world’s problems and experience a new culture. Packed with challenging adventure and cultural awareness opportunities, the project is designed to ensure that students have an exciting, experiential and holistic learning experience that is second-to-none.

RSIS Big Build Project Vietnam

Dates: 9th – 22nd December 2017

Price: participation fee £980, plus flights

This International Service Project will see 50 students working with the local community in Na Mon, Vietnam to build a water dam. This work will help improve the local farming infrastructure and will help to store water in the dry season and drain water during monsoon season.

Na Mon’s current water dam is inefficient. The dam, which provides water to five hectors of fields is built out of compounded dirt and after decades of use has started to erode. The village renovates the current structure twice a year to maintain it, however this sometimes fails and then valuable crops are spoiled.

Na Mon, is one of the poorest villages in the area with an average family income of 20-30 US dollars per month. The construction of this new, more permanent dam will significantly improve the farming infrastructure.

During this project student’s will help design the most effective and economical drainage for the village and help construct the dam.

  • Find out more about the RSIS Project to Vietnam
  • Interested? Come and speak to Miss Horrocks or Mr Crouch for more information

RSIS Big Build Project Ecuador

Dates: 9th – 22nd July 2018

Price: participation fee £1080, plus flights

Students will spend most of their time in a small community near the Ruta de Spondylus supporting in the construction of an Early Childhood Centre, which will provide much needed day care for the growing population.

The community has approximately 600 inhabitants. Most of the men work in the fishing industry and frequently leave for up to 21 days at a time. Those women who work are often employed as domestic workers or in some of the local farming areas. Their need to work outside the home, with the fathers absent, makes the centre a vital community resource.

The aim is to construct a purpose built Early Childhood Centre that provides a safe space for young children and babies. The centre will have its own toilets, a kitchen, a vegetable garden, greenhouse and a playground for all ages.

  • Find out more about the RSIS Project to Ecuador
  • Interested? Come and speak to Miss Horrocks or Mr Crouch for more information

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