Reflections from the Regional Conference in Romania

In January, we had the opportunity to go to the Round Square Regional Conference in Romania along with schools from the European and Mediterranean Region. We felt privileged to represent the school and felt very lucky to get the chance to experience all the conference had to offer, whilst being introduced to Romanian tradition and culture.

The conference opened our eyes to Round Square as an organisation and allowed us to see how Transylvania College upholds the Round Square IDEALS. This allowed us to bring back ideas to Lizzie, our Head Girl, who is currently on a quest to find pupils to become Pillar Leaders. On our trip, we focused particularly on asking others about how their school celebrates ‘Environmentalism’, a pillar that we feel needs a little development at AKS Lytham.

One of the highlights was learning all about ‘The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Person’, originally based on a book by Stephen Covey. This allowed us to reflect on our own behaviours and, as a result, have a better understanding of ourselves. We have started to introduce this into our day to day lives and have seen a change with a more positive outlook to the daily challenges we face. We now plan to teach this and share our knowledge and understanding with our teachers at the next available opportunity. We hope then to pass this on to other pupils as we truly believe our whole year could benefit from understanding how to be more ‘smart’ about their learning. On the last day of the conference, we went to Bushwara where we painted the walls of a primary school for the pupils who travel up to 1 hour to be educated there. We were fully introduced to a Romania way of life and able to enjoy such experiences whilst getting to know so many others from so many different places.

As individuals, we experienced first-hand the power of Round Square and have since become ambassadors presenting to parents at a recent Information Evening. We are excited to be a part of the Round Square Working Party who will continue to fly the Round Square flag within our school.

Sally Stone and Maddie Haslem