Twinning Toilets for Girl’s Education

This past year we have welcomed a new organisation into the folds of the AKS community, adding a new layer to our values. Soroptomist International champions global gender equality and human rights, and is operational in 122 countries. Our Youth Group is now situated within a far reaching organisation. Our local body, Fylde Soroptomists, are celebrating their 80th anniversary and to commemorate this they are doing “80for80”, an initiative based around twinning toilets. We, as a group, are committed to helping them.

Student led, we eagerly meet every week to discuss our agenda and collaborate with our trusty liaison, Hilary Douglas who is a strong and helpful mentor in the way of SI. Leading is our President, Georgie K, successor of Georgia W, each passionate about making a difference. The professionalism of our student led group has come on leaps and bounds with a specific agenda each week allowing us to progress and evolve.

As a group we took on the task of twinning every toilet in our school. Each individual toilet costs sixty pounds providing sanitation and education in areas where poor conditions can be deeply detrimental such as Cambodia and Congo. Many women in underdeveloped countries are prohibited from using the latrine during the day and at night face a dangerous walk across treacherous fields: a task so simple to us is one of gross proportions to these women and children.  Each toilet twinned receives a plaque which gives the coordinates of the specific latrine twinned.

To achieve our target we created a raffle at our school Christmas Fair. Carefully decorated in tinsel and festive wrapping paper our stall stood out amongst the rest. We worked together to meticulously create our perfect hampers, comparable to those of our experienced PTA situated in the prime position of the dining hall. We managed to barter and sell £240 worth of tickets in aid of our cause.

This twinned four toilets, however, we still had some way to go, and so we enlisted the help of our AKS community.  With help from: AKS Hospitality, the sports department, female staff and sixth-form girls, Bring Me Sunshine, 7G girls and boys,  7S and 7L,  the Ladies Luncheon Club, the PTA, and the Tycoons Snow-Globe Company, we have twinned toilets in excess. With such great success we are now aiming to twin all of the Junior School toilets.

The excitement and satisfaction of making a difference is something that every individual who has aided us should relish – we certainly do!

Olivia – Year 10